How we get involved

Our long history with De Beauvoir Town, which goes back several hundred years, means that supporting the local community is fundamentally important to The Benyon Estate. We aren’t just passing through, we are here for the long term and that commitment comes with the responsibility to make sure that we are doing what we can to sustain and support our characterful local community.

Our community events

The opening of De Beauvoir Block in the summer of 2017 means that we now have the space to host events. For many years, we’ve invited regulated tenants (those that have been with us for over 25 years) to a Christmas party in the Scolt Head pub. For Christmas 2017, we were able to host a tea party in the magnificent ground floor space of The Block, a tradition which we will continue.

A key event in the De Beauvoir Town calendar is the Party in the Park. During a weekend in early July, De Beauvoir Square is transformed into a traditional village fete complete with tombola and a brass band, games, stalls and plenty of activities for children. It’s organised by the De Beauvoir Association and we’re proud to provide financial support. 

Other events that take place are the Christmas fair in the crypt of St Peter De Beauvoir. Set up by Jennifer Benyon, it’s now run by the De Beauvoir Association. 

Behind the scenes, we have got involved in other layers of the fabric of local society including the Full Community Sponsorship Scheme which involves providing accommodation to a Syrian refugee family and raising funds to help them.