Development projects on The Benyon Estate typically focus on converting our existing – often Victorian and Edwardian – building stock into premium office spaces. To date, our most ambitious development has been the conversion of a 1920s-era factory and warehouse into the De Beauvoir Block, the 98 De Beauvoir Road conversion and currently, we are working on the 100 De Beauvoir Road conversion. 

In response to the growing demand for flexible working options and increased membership enquiries, we are expanding and renovating our co-working spaces at The Block

We were also involved in a joint venture project to build a new primary school building on Kingsland Road with a block of apartments, half of which is made available to working Londoners on lower incomes.

At the same time, we’re constantly reviewing our inventory to make sure our buildings meet the standards and requirements for today’s residential and commercial tenants.

View more of our residential and commercial development portfolio below.

Photos: The Benyon Estate / Henley Halebrown 

Development opportunities

It's rare to find The Benyon Estate team without a development project in full swing. We are constantly refurbishing our residential portfoilio to ensure our properties are of the highest standard. Read more about what we're working on.

Current projects

Not only are we currently working on new developments, but from time to time we have opportunities that arise for joint venture partnerships and land sales. Click here to find out more.